Friday, August 10, 2012

A long overdue post

Sorry to be so belated to post pictures!  I have tried to make it a habit not to be on the computer while  Tomoki is awake, so it has really cut down my computer time because sleep, housework, and Kenji have taken priority!  Tonight, though, my two biggest boys--Akihiro and Tomoki are at the summer fellowship meeting.  They left this morning and come back tomorrow afternoon.  I had a "power day" getting lots done and making phone calls (those are hard to make too now that I have two little distractions!)  Kenji continues to be a very good baby--sleeps a lot--for which I am very thankful!  So different than Tomoki in the sleep department!  I am kinda trying to follow the Baby Whisperer technique and have found it very helpful.  I don't mean any disrespect to my dear departed grandfather Willis, but Kenji Willis definitely takes after one of his namesakes in the volume of his bodily functions!  Anyway, here are some pics and videos--not always in the greatest order. :)

My boys at the clinic

Leaving the clinic after 8 days.  
Tomoki loves to hold Kenji for about 10 seconds and then says, "all done"

Everyone comments on how well Javon holds Kenji!  It's that pediatric nursing!
Kenji loves his bath!
Yumi-chan, Akihiro's cousin, comes to help me out while Akihiro is gone overnight about 2-3 times a month.  She has taught me a lot of good summer Japanese dishes, plays with Tomoki, and holds Kenji.  What a blessing she has been!
Javon brought us a crab from the Tsukiji fish market.  It was delicious, but we decided it was something we will eat more when the kids are bigger--takes too long to eat :)
Another blessing, Yoshida-san, is a lady from the Silver Center, a group of retired people who can be hired for various jobs.  She comes for two hours twice a week for these next couple months.  

We miss Javon!  She returned back to the US, but as the Lord opens doors, she hopes to return.  We also miss her photography.  Here are some links to posts she did with pictures of our family--mostly Kenji!
Trying for that lovely passport picture!  The pictures don't do him justice, though--he's much cuter in real life!  Here I think his hairline looks like Grandpa Willis!!!!!

Koshin is here for a week of his summer vacation.  He is another blessing to us--Tomoki's best friend.  He wasn't sure about holding Kenji, but he did a good job.  He does better just sitting by him and talking to him.

We enjoyed a visit from Dusan, from Serbia.  We had met him 6 years ago when we visited our sister church there.  It was fun to see him drawing pictures with Koshin--he's a graphic designer and Koshin was enthralled!
An old picture, but a cute one.  Tomoki has had a hard time adjusting to sharing Mama with Kenji, but he really loves his little brother and wants to take him everywhere we go.  If Kenji cries, Tomoki asks him why he is crying and looks so concerned. 
A video of Tomoki eating ice cream
A video of a cool bug we found
A video of Tomoki telling about his fishing trip with Papa