Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tomoki walking video

One year old and walking!

We are doing his one year check up here. You can see where he got a bad ouchie on his nose and forehead--the slide was more slippery than we thought and he slid off the bottom and landed face first. Probably not the last time since he's got some of my genes :(

Tomoki's birthday party was a great success. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Akihiro's brother was our photographer, so I am waiting for a CD from him of the pics. I didn't have time to take any of the party.

The little party boy decided that after the excitement was over, he would give Mama and Papa some excitement and he started walking! It was 16 steps in a row on Saturday night and then 28 in a row on Sunday, his real birthday! Monday it was 32 (a proud dad is counting!). It is so cute--even though he looks like a little drunk. Here are a few pics for now. My Japanese mom (neighbor) made this cute little shirt for him to wear at mealtime when he feeds himself. He looks kinda like a little girl in it, but it sure works slick!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

An old video of Tomoki walking

He's much more coordinated now, but this is so cute. Sorry I can't figure out how to turn it around.

Getting into Mom's tupperware drawer.

Tomoki's favorite place to play is in the kitchen!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Almost one!

Checking out the cosmos
Getting into Mom's spice rack
How do you like these Japanese pants! What is "it"...I am still wondering.
Finally got a picture of him sleeping! I think this is the first time I ever woke this child up! His naps are finally longer than 30 minutes!
Watching Papa.

It is hard to believe our baby is almost one year old! A week ago today he took his first step! Akihiro came home after being gone for two days and we were sitting on the couch watching Tomoki. Sure enough, he took his first step when I was looking the other way--little goober! Since then he takes a few more every day. He is nearly running when he holds on to my hands. Recently he really enjoys going to the park near our home. He loves to chase the birds, eat sand and leaves (when Mom's not looking), go down the slide by himself on his tummy, swing with Mama, push his stroller around, smile at cute little girls, steal other boys sandbox toys, and other such things. He is starting to eat more and more. He had his first curry rice meal tonight and seemed to enjoy it! (curry on the nose, curry on the toes, curry on his chair, curry on the floor, curry on Mom--yikes!) I remember my mom saying how they should install a hose and a drain in the kitchen when you have a beginning eater. I know what she meant! He has a plastic picnic mat under his chair now and that helps. He seems to prefer pieces of fuzz, toilet paper, tissues, newspaper, board books... pretty much anything over vegetables lately. He does like to eat dried crumbs that I should have swept up after a meal. Sometimes I think he is thinking, "It is much more fun to eat it off the floor (versus sitting nicely in my highchair) and then look at Mom and make her wonder what I have put in my mouth. " He doesn't like it, though, when I try to pry open that little mouth to see what he's got. I've got to be fast or those little razor sharp teeth will take a chomp on my finger! He's learned how to give kisses which is just adorable. Not sure exactly, but think he is saying "mama" sometimes. Except for three of Akihiro's cousins, the whole family is coming to our house next Saturday for a birthday party for Tomoki!

On the non-Tomoki front, I have enjoyed getting my hands in the dirt. My golden hour (Tomoki's nap) has recently been spent outside enjoying the beautiful fall days and planting spinach, daikon radishes, and Chinese cabbage. We are looking forward to going to Guam with Akihiro's mom and his sister the last week in October--kinda a five year anniversary trip, I guess.