Thursday, April 26, 2012


These pictures aren't in the greatest order, but can tell you a little of what has gone on here recently.  We were honored to have Willis and Lois Ehnle stay with us several nights during their stay in Japan.  It was great to just sit and visit with them very comfortably--just like old times!
 Tomoki helped me make cookies for White Day--the return day of Valentines day here.  On Valentines Day, the girls give to the guys.  Akihiro always gets cookies from the pharmacists at one clinic where he works, so we made cookies for him to give in return.  I had never tried dark chocolate and mint chips, but somebody had brought me some from the US and--ooh, were they yummy!  I was reminded of why I don't make cookies and sweets much--they don't last long--and I am the problem!
 Here's Tomoki and Michitaka-kun, his little cousin.  He is just a little over one year old now and toddling around so cute.
 Here he is building towers with Grandpa Ito's beer cans!  Who needs blocks, anyway!
 We had a great time with  Carol and Michelle and they got one of the greatest views of Mt. Fuji I think I have ever seen.  Here it is from the visitor center.
 Here at Nenba village, they donned kimonos to make for a great shot with Mt. Fuji!
 Tomoki being very patient and sporting his panda backpack from Grandma Ito.  He insisted on carrying it though it was very heavy with his toys!
Koshin came for one week of spring break.  They had a great time together, these little buddies!
While Ehnle's were here, the cherry trees were just beautiful and we had a picnic down by the river near our home with Noriko Mizuno-san and her little girl--friends of the Ehnle's.  There was a lady who saw Tomoki and Noriko's little girl throwing rocks in the river and asked if she could take their picture.  She was really into it and had a nice camera.  I asked her if she liked taking pictures of children and she said she was in a photography club and yes, she loved it!  I have been looking for someone like this!  I asked her if we could hire her to take some pictures of Tomoki at our house or at the park another time--as we didn't really like our studio experience a year and a half ago, and neither Akihiro or I are very good at photography.  She was overjoyed and sent me a CD of some of her shots from that day!  Can't wait to meet her again!
Look at my sticks, Mama!

 Note the beautiful cherry blossoms in the background!
 My Mama's boy!  Sometimes it is a pain, but I keep reminding myself that I'll probably want more attention from him when he gets older and he won't be so snuggly!

We have been battling sickness around here off and on.  I had a cold and thought I was over it, but it came back with a vengeance and now poor Tomoki has it. He's taking an extra long nap now and I can catch up on some computer work while I try to take it easy.

Tomoki and Papa doing exercises--he's counting in Japanese