Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tomoki driving the zoo bus

Tomoki loved the elephant at the zoo

A trip to Tama Zoo

Akihiro went hiking for two days, so my friend and I took our children to the Tama Zoo--about 25 minutes by train from our house. We had a great time. It was Tomoki's first visit to the zoo, and since he already loves "zo" (elephant in Japanese), I knew he would think it was pretty great. He loved the monkeys ("mo"). When we came home he kept "talking" about how the monkey went bammm on the window. We went by taxi and then by train, so that in itself was fun for him. It is a big zoo, and we didn't stay too long because of naps, so I look forward to going back again to see other parts.

Tomoki found Grandpa Kimura's airplane pictures in the attic and has been enthralled with them. When he wakes up from his naps he wants to go see the "boom boom" (airplanes). One of them has a picture of Mt. Fuji on it. He says "fu--zi".

Sunday we came home after church so Akihiro could prepare for his mountain trip and since it was our anniversary we went out to eat. We rode our bikes to a new Indian curry place. The food was good and reasonable, but the music video was annoying. Tomoki had only had a 30 minute car nap, so he was kinda hyper anyway, but then he started "rapping" with the video and not touching his food. Since we were the only ones in the place I asked them if they would turn it off--thankfully they did and we finished our meal in relative peace. Not the most romantic anniversary meal, but oh well. I guess we had our share of those in previous years.

Tomoki has started calling himself "Tom" with a long "o"--like "Tome". He is quite proud of himself--it is rather cute, I must say.