Sunday, February 20, 2011

Four videos and a post

Akihiro is off to Hawaii tonight for a conference, returning Thursday night. He said we would be welcome to go along, but I wasn't too excited about being on a plane for 7 hours and dealing with jet lag. We've got some activities planned to keep us busy here, so hopefully we won't get too lonely. See below posts and videos.

Here's Tomoki playing with his remote control car he received from Papa

A new outfit +glove

Better than the snow was the puddles!

My little helper

Friday, February 18, 2011

Visitors, snow, and of course, Tomoki

We had a beautiful snow this week. We all had fun playing in it!

Here's my cabbage with a light dusting of snow!
We went over to my Japanese Mom's to show her Tomoki's rain gear. He insisted on wearing these old gloves of Akihiro.
He likes to ride in this box.
Stephany Moser and Margie Heintz visited us. My Japanese mom (on the far right) and her sister helped them wear kimono. We had a nice time!

Tomoki is into gloves these days. The bigger the better!
He also likes vacuuming. Hopefully he still will in a few years!
We have a darling little fake leather coat that we got from a friend. Here he is modeling it at the park.