Monday, July 26, 2010

More pics

Tomoki charmed everyone at Great Grandpa's funeral in his little white button shirt and black pants. Note Aunt Kyoko's black kimono.
My Japanese Mom (the neighbor lady next door) made a darling little Japanese outfit for Tomo-kun. I hope to get a better picture soon.Playing with Papa--some of his best smiles!
The scooter from Grandpa Sauder's is now at Jim and Rach's. Papa and Tomoki had to try it out!
Tomoki loves to go in this carrier for walks with Papa.


Here are some belated pics of our time in the States. Can't figure out how to get these pics in the right order...sorry. Tomoki relaxing with Grandpa Ito after his swim in the plastic box with second cousin Lena. Like the hairdo somebody gave him?!
Tomoki loved spending time with all his cousins and aunts and uncles. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Farewell to Dad and Grandpa Kimura

I just realized that I never posted on Dad's death. Dad died Sunday June 20th at his home. Akihiro had just flown in the evening before. Dad was able to smile at him and raised his hand when we prayed with him. I am so grateful for the two weeks I was able to spend with Dad--helping with his care, sharing laughs and smiles, tears, memories, and just trying to support him as he walked "in the valley of the shadow" as he told many people. There are so many things I want to remember about those two weeks--one being Dad's thankful heart. Nothing that we did for him was too small to elicit a "thank you" and a smile. He talked about his "magical drawers" that my nieces kept full of clean clothes for him. He appreciated the food he was served, though he could only eat a few bites. He thanked us for our care of him despite our mistakes--brushing his teeth with my brother's tooth brush, letting his recliner topple over backwards when he was trying to do his back exercises, etc. etc. His sense of humor seemed to be enhanced and his smile was extra special. He was a joy to care for--and instead of feeling sorry for himself that he needed care, he chose to enjoy it--elevated toilet seats and all! It was special to see our family bond together in our effort to care for dad--everybody had a special and necessary role. I think he liked seeing us work together. He taught me a lot in his living, but also in his dying--to be truly open to whatever God has--healing in heaven or in eternity--and to have the faith to believe that God can do either one. I'm not sure if they were his last words, but the night before he passed away, I was fairly proud of the fact that we got him all clean and new sheets on his bed and all tucked in. He was pretty lethargic, but he told my brother Jim something about a " her" (perhaps me) and that you don't always have to be perfect. Those are words I needed to remember as I came home and continued life as mom (especially to a jetlagged almost 9 month old) and wife.

We just got news this am that Akihiro's grandpa died early this morning. He had been declining over the last months and was on the waiting list for the inpatient hospice unit near his home. He was admitted there last week. We went to see him yesterday and he was very lethargic, yet restless. He calmed after we sat with him a bit. He smiled at Tomo-kun and patted him--seemed to enjoy seeing him. He had lost so much weight and didn't have his teeth in, but it was good to see him. He soon fell asleep and in a few hours when Akihiro's siblings and uncle came, he was able to respond very little. (BTW, it was interesting to see an inpatient hospice unit--everything from urinals to ways to give sips of water, to chairs to help patients sit up in bed, etc.) Likewise we are thankful for the many good memories we have of Grandpa and will miss him.