Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some clarification

Congratulations to most of you for figuring out the Japanese--or at least putting two and two together to see that we are expecting another little Ito next summer.  The little accessory for my purse was given to me by the city where we live.  It says, "there is a baby in my tummy".  We get the little accessory when we get our booklet for pregnancy and child development.  In Japanese healthcare, Akihiro feels like this is a very good thing.  Each child has a book that is taken to the doctor from prenatal to school age health information--immunizations, height, weight, etc.  Anyway, back to the accessory--they are all pink, so to those of you who thought it meant we were having a'll have to wait a bit longer for that bit of news.  I'm not sure exactly what the purposes of the accessory are, but if you flash it to someone on the train, they will usually give you their seat--kinda handy!
     I am going to the same local OB clinic where Tomoki was born--Shibata Clinic.  The doc speaks English well, the staff is nice, it is close (7 minutes by bike?), and I know basically what to expect there.  That clinic doesn't do VBAC, so we will be scheduling a c-section.  I'll find out more about that on my Monday appointment, I guess.
     As far as how I am be honest, pretty crummy.  I have that first trimester fatigue, nagging nausea, excessive saliva, strange dreams, and not the greatest sleep.  Big burps are reasons for rejoicing!  I haven't been a very patient mama for my teething two year old, but I am hanging in there thanks to my good hubby's help and support.
   Next week we are off to Beijing for one night to see Li-san and his wife and daughter and then to Hong Kong for Akihiro's cousin's wedding reception.  I'm hoping and praying that our travels go well.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A new accessory for my purse

We are very thankful to, Lord-willing, be able to wear this little accessory until early July 2012!  Thanks for your prayers and may you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A visit to Hiroshima, etc.

 Here is a view from the top of the ropeway station at Miyajima--we had a beautiful day--and good company, as you can see below.  Akito and Marie, Ed and Jenni Schwartz, and Mark and Bev Bahr and we went by bullet train to Hiroshima for one night.  It was a blessed time--I got a good share of American humor--miss that sometimes!

On other happenings, we attended a wedding of a friend of Akihiro's from middle school.  It was a chapel style wedding which is getting to be more popular here in Japan recently.  I was slightly shocked to see that the person marrying them was American.  He did some of the very short service in English and read some stilted Japanese for their vows.  Well, they got married, anyway.  The harp music was gorgeous, but it seemed quite interesting to be singing the "Christian Home" at a non Christian's wedding.  After the wedding there was quite a reception with lots of speakers.  The bride changed her clothes--a different ballroom style gown.  I guess this is normal--sometimes they might even change clothes twice!  Nevertheless, it didn't make me dissatisfied with my own simple wedding.

Tomoki continues to speak an interesting combination of Japanese and English.  This week he overheard Akihiro ask me (in Japanese) when I was going to cut his hair.  Tomoki said "hair cut" to me in English.  It is amazing to see his little brain process these languages.  (Speaking of hair cuts, I gave Tomoki one and somehow he looks a lot like my dear departed Dad!)  Of course, we think he is terrible smart! :)  He loves doing puzzles recently--his favorite being the power shovel one, which he has done so many times that now he can do it on his own.

I finally got my fall/winter garden planted...daikon, turnips, spinach, Chinese cabbage, mustard greens, bok choy, and red radishes.  I hope it does ok as I am kinda late getting it planted.