Friday, June 18, 2010

An update on Dad

Thank you for your prayers for Dad and our family, especially over the last two and one half years. As most of you know, Dad completed a course of whole brain radiation treatments last week. Those treatments left him extremely weak and fatigued. We were hopeful that he would regain some strength once the treatments were over, but that hasn’t been the case. Also, tests indicated that the cancer was active elsewhere in his body. At that point, Dad made the decision to not pursue further treatment. His strength has continued to decline to the point where he needs assistance for any move. His voice is extremely weak, and he communicates mostly by smiling and shaking his head. He is truly a blessing to care for; his kindness and thankfulness for even the smallest favor have never wavered. It has been a joy to watch the Fruit of the Spirit come forth, even in the midst of the trial.
There have been many questions as to why we did not establish a CaringBridge site. The reason is that we were simply following Dad’s wishes. Even though Dad led a very public life in the church and community, he is very private when it comes to his own person. For the last two and a half years Dad has been overwhelmed by the prayers, cards, emails and other expressions of love and support that he has received. He felt unworthy of the amount of attention he received, especially relative to others in similar or more sad situations. Please know that those prayers and expressions of love have supported him up until this very hour. We understand that many people would have liked to visit Dad over the last few days, but it was not possible, he simply did not have the energy.
Please continue to pray for grace and strength for Dad and us each day. We don’t know the future and so we are by His grace taking one day at a time.
Thank you for your continued prayers,
The Charles Sauder Family

Friday, June 11, 2010

Update on Dad

Tomoki and I arrived safely at Dad’s late Sunday evening. Dad had his last Whole Brain Radiation treatment on Monday. He is extremely fatigued from the treatments and spends most of the day resting. At this point he will not be taking any further treatments. We have enlisted hospice services to provide us equipment and medication to help make Dad more comfortable. Please pray that the Lord provides Dad with relief from the fatigue. And please pray that we all might have grace and strength for each day, and that we might be submitted to His Will in all things.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Going home!

I had planned to go home with Akihiro for 10 days at the end of June as he has a conference in Springfield but decided why not leave earlier and spend more time with Dad and the family Thankfully I was able to book the same flight as 5 single ladies who are returning to central IL after traveling in Japan, i.e. 5 babysitters for Tomo-kun in flight! I will arrive in Sunday night, June 6th. Please pray for safe and smooth travels for us!