Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dad update and a few Tomo-kun pics

Tomo-kun likes the "rocking goat" he got from one of Akihiro's doctor friends.

Within a few days of beginninnig Whole Brain Radiation(WBR), Dad experienced a painful blood clot in the lower left leg. He has been on blood thinners ever since and though the swelling and pain is gone now, the leg is still very weak. Because of this leg weakness he now uses a 4-wheel walker with a seat on it. He got a recumbent exercise bike and has a goal of exercising 30 minutes every day to get that leg working again.
The side effects of the WBR have been extreme fatigue, nausea, and hair loss. He continues to eat a healthy, but palatable diet.
15 radiation treatments done, 5 to go!!!!
He is glad for visitors, just please call first. Thank you for your continued prayers for Dad and for our family.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another video

I wish I could have got more of Tomoki's little chuckle. He does it only briefly here. And seriously, the ball is very soft--it looks like Akihiro is hurting him, but he isn't!

Finally a few house pics, more of Tomo-kun, and finally a few videos

We enjoyed a picnic in our "back yard" some time ago.
Here's my kitchen--loving that higher counter!
Dining room.
Living room with Akihiro's office in background. The windowsill in the background has made the perfect changing table! So far no calls from police regarding indecent exposure of one cute little butt!
Will do more pics of upstairs or a video, but still waiting on curtains!

Tomo-kun can now move backwards!

I'll have to do some other videos in other posts.

Friday, May 7, 2010

An update on Dad

Dad's cancer has progressed so that there are some symptoms. Several weeks ago he noticed a full feeling which the Dr confirmed was due to the expansion of the liver due to metastatsis there. Then last week he noticed some problems with balance which turned out to be caused by a nickel sized tumor on the Pons (an area in the center of the brain). So the chemo has been stopped and Whole Brain Radiation (WBR) will start next week. The chemo will be started after the 20 radiation treatments depending upon his condition. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A few more pictures from our guests

What are you looking at?

Here's a good picture of the front of the bullet train. We took it to Hiroshima.
I couldn't resist buying this little hat to shield Tomo-kun's face.Here we are at the site of the atomic bomb dropping--just giving a little visual to show that Americans love Japanese in spite of the terrible thing that happened at this site.
The cherry trees in the rain--looks like snow!

One other quick news blip--Tomoki has two front bottom teeth! He also shocked Shioda church lunch table by saying what everyone said sure sounded like "Amen" after the prayer!

It is Golden week here and we have Akihiro's grandpa, Tomokazu, and his mom here for a few days. Tomoki and Tomokazu are getting along great!