Friday, January 14, 2011


I figured out how to post videos to You Tube and copy the links here.

We have two of Tomoki--one on his Christmas present--this is the swaying he does to music--so cute! The other one doesn't shed such a good light on Tomoki, but it is kinda cute. We're getting into that discipline part of parenting that is sometimes a challenge!

Someone had requested a video, saying they probably won't make it over to see us.

Tomo-kun complaining

Riding his new tricycle

2nd floor

first floor of our house

Somebody had requested a video of our house saying they probably wouldn't make it over to see our home.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Catching up on the blog

You'll have to scroll down to see quite a few new posts--I think I am finally caught up! I wish I could get videos to upload--for some reason, I can't do that and don't have the patience, nor the technological ability to figure it out today.

Tomoki's pictures by Tyler

Tyler Knochel visited us--see earlier post and he blessed us with these pics of Tomoki.

Profession pics

We went to a studio and took some pics of Tomoki--many of you got one of those as our Christmas card. They let you borrow the clothes. He was awful cute in the Japanese one--marching around like a little samurai--I wish I had a video of it!

Christmas, etc.

Because Christmas was on a Saturday this year, Akihiro's parents and his sister joined us for supper--along with Li-san. Usual it is just another working day here in Japan, so it was a special treat this year. We exchanged a few gifts (bought that day!) and had a nice time. Grandpa Ito got Tomoki this little tricycle. Here he is getting a ride from the neighbor and giving a ride to Muku-chan, the neighbor's dog!He sure had fun putting it together too!

Tyler Knochel stayed with a few nights. He and Tomoki were buddies. Tyler blessed us with his photography skills and I will post some of his great pics of Tomoki.What a cutie!

Some visitors this fall

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house. The children put on a little program for us.Akihiro's brother and his wife had their first baby--Tomoki's first Ito cousin. His name is Michitaka--meaning "opening the way". He's bound to be a "mover and a shaker"! He has lots of dark black hair. He was in the NICU for a few days at first, but now he is doing great!
Oops--this should have been in the fall category. The leaves were gorgeous this year.
We hosted Akihiro's friend and her parents and children for supper. They were so kind to Akihiro during his medical school and we have maintained the relationship.
Our elder Bro. Mark and T omoki got along great--as did Sis. Bev who I regret I didn't get a picture with.

A few fall hikes

Here they are hanging daikon radishes outside. Later they will make pickled daikon from them--yum!

Here's looking over the city where we live.

Solar Panels

We had solar panels installed on our roof. They used this attachment on the ladder to electrically lift the panels to the roof. It has been quite interesting to see Akihiro's reaction to the little reader that tells us how much energy we are selling and using. It has resulted in a few more lights turned off around the Ito house!